Wroclaw zorganizuje ...

"Unfortunately, we had to make a decision in which there would be one winner and one disappointed party.  The decision-making process was not easy; particularly since the current financial and economic turmoil in the world make it very difficult to foresee exactly what will happen between now and 2017.

But a decision had to be made, and a vote of the Executive Committee members was duly conducted at ten o’clock this morning, under the supervision of an independent lawyer, Maitre Jean-Pierre MORAND of Carrard and Associates, lawyers to the International Olympic Committee.

Before I announce the results, I would like to say something to the delegation that has not been selected.

This vote was not in any way a vote against your City. We are fully convinced that you too could have organized excellent Games. 

The vote just reflects the fact that, on balance, taking into account all relevant factors, the IWGA Executive Committee considers the other bid marginally stronger.

If you are not successful today, we sincerely hope that you will apply again in future to host The World Games.

With that said, it only remains for me to declare the result of the Executive Committee’s vote."

And then came the words you read above … “Ladies and gentlemen …”

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