Sepak Takraw: Invitational Sport?

According to media releases published in Asia, efforts by the International Sepak Takraw Federation (ISTAF) and the Asian Sepak Takraw Federation (ASTAF) to promote sepak takraw in the world sports arena had been fruitful. The ball sport is likely to be included in the Invitational Sports Program of The World Games 2009."This is an honor because sepak takraw will be watched by the people in the countries competing in The World Games and it is indeed the best platform to introduce the Malay traditional sport," the ASTAF President, Abdul Halim Kader, is quoted in the release. He said the sport would be demonstrated in full strength by the men's and women's teams from Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam and China.An official confirmation by the Kaohsiung Organizing Committee that sepak takraw will be added as an invitational sport is expected in the near future.Click here for more information about sepak takraw. 
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