Adam Roczek visits IWGA Headquarters

Adam Roczek visits IWGA Headquarters

A recent visitor to the IWGA Headquarters in Lausanne, Switzerland was Adam Roczek, the Vice President of the Organising Committee (WOC) that delivered the outstanding 10th edition of The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland in July 2017. Mr Roczek was hosted by Chantal Boehi, the IWGA’s General Manager and Sebastian Riediger, IWGA Head of IF and Games Services. It was the first time that the WOC representative had been a guest at the new IWGA Headquarters since it was opened one year ago.

The meeting with Adam Roczek included a valuable short discussion on The World Games 2017 Final Report. The report, written by the WOC, contains more than 200 pages with all possible information about the event.

The representative of the WOC also took the opportunity to discuss with the IWGA General Manager the presentation by the Wroclaw delegation at the IWGA Annual General Meeting next month in Bangkok. Both agreed that The World Games 2017 had been a tremendous success. All the elements of the eleven days with competitions in 31 sports (27 on the official programme and 4 invitational sports) have to be presented in a way that stirs the memories of the delegates. The final presentation should also summarise the lessons learned for the future. The next World Games will take place in 2021 in Birmingham, Alabama.

“We were delighted to welcome WOC’s Vice President Adam Roczek at our headquarters. Now that some time has passed since The World Games in Wroclaw, it was nice to meet again with one of the event’s driving forces. It is always good to catch up with one of the most experienced sport officials in Poland,” said Chantal Boehi after the visit.

The Final Report can be downloaded from the IWGA website.

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