2013 Cali: Focus On Sports

Eight sports have been shortlisted by the IOC Executive Board in July 2011. Seven of them will present themselves at The World Games in July and August 2013. "Exciting days lie ahead. Eight sports for one position," Dubi said.

In October 2013 the IOC will take a decision about the one sport to be added to the Olympic Program. Prior to that, the IOC Program Commission and the Sports Department will scrutinize the candidates in Cali to see how they present themselves in the context of multi-sport games, explained Christophe Dubi. The World Games 2013 Cali thus become an important milestone in the run-up to the 2020 Olympics.

And for the 2016 Rio Games as well! Rugby features in The World Games for the last time in Cali. In 2016, the sport will reappear in the Olympics after having been dropped in 1928. The 2013 Cali sevens tournament is therefore guaranteed to attract a good deal of interest too.
The six World Games sports on the IOC shortlist for the 2020 program are climbing, karate, roller skating, softball, squash, wakeboard, and wushu, an invitational sport of The World Games 2013.

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