Remember this? – TWG 2017

Remember this? – TWG 2017

The World Games 2017 ended 8 days ago. Let’s remind ourselves of some of the highlights of the Games: 

Poland had expected to strike gold in Sport Climbing: Speed, when World Champion Marcin Dzienski had been widely tipped to triumph. However Reza Alipourshenazandifar (Iran) pulled off a shock victory, speeding to the top of the climbing wall in less time than it takes to pronounce his name. It was the first time in the history of The World Games that Iran has topped a podium.

Powerlifter Larysa Soloviovo seems to have a permanent residence on the medal podium. For an incredible fourth consecutive edition of The World Games, the Ukrainian national anthem was played to honour the exploits of the 38-year-old strongwoman. She has been the best since 2005!

El Dorado rediscovered in Poland

El Dorado was the mythical lost city of gold in Colombia that explorers tried in vain to find. However it is the Colombian athletes who have finally located the Golden City. It turns out, that the adventurers and archaeologists have been looking in the wrong place: they should have headed to the Polish city of Wroclaw. Everywhere the Colombian team went on 23 July, they discovered abundant gold and other precious medals. From the Roller Skating track to the Bowling arena to the Flying Disc pitch, the South Americans found it easy to collect valuable artefacts.

On the Roller Speed Skating track, Fabriana Arias claimed a gold and silver, replicating her efforts in Saturday's competitions. Just prior to the midday thunderstorm that flooded the track, Andres Jimenez upgraded his Friday silver to a more satisfying colour. There was golden delight too for ten pin doubles bowlers Rocio Restrepo and Clara Guerrero. In the Flying Disc final, Colombia were unable to replicate their qualifying round victory over USA, but were still happy to leave the pitch with silver medals adorning their necks. Despite the day being the third day of competition, Colombian athletes had already featured on the podium 12 times. It seems that when it comes to The World Games 2017, the South American nation of coffee growers discovered the gold blend.

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