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Stephan Fox
General Secretary

Head Office,
Bangkok, Thailand

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Successful National Championships for Canadian muaythai

Over two hundred Canadian muaythai athletes took place in the National Championships, marking their place on the national team for a busy year of international muaythai ahead. The Mayor of the host...

IFMA Attends the 2018 IF Forum

IFMA is a proud member of the GAISF and SportAccord Family, and the 2018 edition of the IF Forum traditionally held in the Olympic Capital was one to remember under theme “Open Doors and Open Minds...

Macau Venues Get Green Lights for the Asian Championships

The Asian Championships 2018 is just around the corner. Sport Director of the Federation of Asian Muaythai Amateur Ms. Azadeh Kamyabi is in Macau meeting the local organising committee, she has als...



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