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World Archery Field Championships 2014

Junior Finals

09:00-09:16 Bronze: Barebow Junior Women
09:16-09:32 Gold: Barebow Junior Women
09:32-09:48 Bronze: Barebow Junior Men
09:48-10:04 Gold: Barebow Junior Men
10:04-10:20 Bronze: Recurve Junior Women
10:20-10:36 Gold: Recurve Junior Women
10:36-10:52 Bronze: Recurve Junior Men
10:52-11:08 Gold: Recurve Junior Men
11:08-11:24 Bronze: Compound Junior Women
11:24-11:40 Gold: Compound Junior Women
11:40-11:56 Bronze: Compound Junior Men
11:56-12:12 Gold: Compound Junior Men
12:12 Award Ceremony

24 August, 2014 7:00 GMT


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