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WFDF 2018 World Ultimate Club Championships

Showcase Field A

Live from WUCC 2018: Watch all the action from Showcase Field A right here on YouTube.

15 July 13:00 GMT

Event Information

Cincinnatti, USA
July 14 - July 21

Times: EDT (Easter Daylight Time / Ohio - USA)

17:00 - GRUT (NED) vs Wild Card (USA)     

Sunday, July 15th
09:00 - BOOM! (KOR) vs Kisumu Frisbee Club (KEN)
11:00 - OTSO (FIN) vs Relámpagos (DOM)
13:00 - Fusion (CAN) vs Bamboo (COL)
15:00 - Colony (AUS) vs TCHAC (FRA)
17:00 - Freezzz Beezzz (BEL) vs Freespeed (SUI)

Monday, July 16th
09:00 - Friskee (AUS) vs Hässliche Erdferkel (GER)
11:00 - Shinshu Loose (JPN) vs Mulatto Pilipinas (PHI)
13:00 - Crash (CAN) vs Freakshow Singapore (SGP)
15:00 - CUSB (ITA) vs Comunidad El Oso (COL)
17:00 - Seagulls (Hamburg) (GER) vs Malafama (MEX)

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