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The World Games Athlete of the Year 2018

Burkina Faso's Women Floorball Team

The Women’s team from Burkina Faso won the first ever Africa Floorball Cup in 2018 by winning all their matches. With only 12 players the Burkina Faso women’s team dominated in the tournament underlining their dominance with a 5-0 win over Côte d´Ivoire in the gold medal match.

The players are recruited from poor neighborhoods and public schools and 40% of the players come from the small agricultural village Nakamtenga 50 km from the capital Ouagadougou. The national team coaches and leaders visited the homes of all the players and spoke to the parents to get the permission to let the players participate in the Africa Floorball Cup. In Burkina Faso, floorball has opened new opportunities to get girls and women into sports and especially into team sports.

1 January, 2019




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