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Men‘s 12th WFC Qualifications AOFC

Final (1st A v 1st B)

27 January 7:00 GMT

Event Information

Jeju Island, South Korea
January 22 - January 28

Men's World Floorball Championships 2018 Qualifications

AOFC - Jeju Island, South Korea - 22nd - 27th January
EUR1 - Tallinn, Estonia - 31st January - 4th February
EUR2 - Nitra, Slovakia - 31st January - 4th February
EUR3 - Valmiera, Latia - 30th January - 3rd February
EUR4 - Nitra, Slovakia - 31st January - 4th February
AMER - Toronto, ON, Canada - 10th - 11th February

Men's WFC 2018
1st - 9th December
Prague, Czech Republic

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