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European Ski Orienteering Championships 2014

Orienteering Men's Sprint Highlights

Lamov and Hancikova Sprint European Champions

He has been on, or very near, the podium the whole season. Yesterday's race did not go according to the plans, so today was his turn to show at home what he can: Andrei Lamov dominated the men's Sprint race and took a victory by 5 seconds before the Finn Ville-Petteri Saarela. Ulrik Nordberg, a surprise name as also Saarela, finished third.
Other well-known athletes are Stanimir Belomazhev, Bulgaria, who just missed a medal by finishing fourth, and Hans Jörgen Kvåle, the IOF Athletes' Commission Chair, who finished sixth, just behind Erik Blomgren, Sweden. The 41-year-old ski orienteering legend Eduard Khrennikov had a quite good race too and took a nice 7th place with the same time as his team-mate Andrey Grigoriev.
Before the women's race, reigning European Champion Tatiana Rvacheva was the absolute biggest favourite for gold medal. She made however, some small mistakes in the beginning of the course, making the race extremely exciting. At the end, she jumped over a control and had to ski back, losing far too much time. Rvacheva then finished only 8th. The gold went to a surprise winner -- not a surprise medallist though -- Hana Hancikova, Czech Republic! Tove Alexandersson got the silver medal, and bronze to Audhild Rognstad, Norway.
Hana Hancikova is a former Junior World Champion in Sprint. Besides her speed, it was her route choices that decided this European Championships race for her.

15 March, 2014

Event Information

Tyumen, Russia
March 5 - March 15, 2014
+79 088740405

The event will be held at the Ski Center “Zhemchuzhina Sibiri” Tyumen, Russia. Tyumen city-center and international airport Roschino are at 40 km distance from the event center.
Event GPS: 56.945532,65.189792

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