Sport Climbing

Whether it is a matter of ascending higher on the wall than the opponent – in Lead – or outright racing to the top – in Speed – sport climbing pitches one athlete against another. Highest or fastest – man or woman – wins! The spectacular sport puts in third appearance in The World Games. Lead and Speed events for men and women will again be included in The World Games 2017 Wroclaw, and the world's best climbers will pit their agility and ingenuity against all challenges of a route which leads to the top.

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Sport climbing's history ...

Sport Climbing has obviously had a long history. Nevertheless, competitive Sport Climbing only started in the 1960s with Speed events in the former USSR, continuing in the 1980s with Leed events in other parts of Europe, and in 1989 with the first ever Climbing World Cup.

Today, ...

Today's Sport Climbing competitions are held in three different disciplines: Bouldering, where athletes conquer the greatest number of obstacles without rope, Lead, where athletes seek to climb highest on the wall, and finally Speed, where the fastest climber is declared the winner. The relatively young sport has not only added to the popularity of climbing walls everywhere, it has greatly improved rock climbing standards too.

Champions and records ...

Climbing champions have set new and stunning world records in Yosemite National Park, USA, climbing the almost 900 meters of El Capitan's nose in under three hours, a climb which had taken several days in the past.

Higher, faster! In Lead, athletes from European countries such as Austria, France, Slovenia and Spain were nearly unbeatable for the past decade. In Speed, Russians and Chinese simply appeared to climb faster than their peers for just as long.

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