Kickboxing is an organized recreational sport and has also an associated competitive element and competition focus.  Both elements ally themselves within the overall club/class structure and are dependent on the level the Kickboxing athlete wishes to attain. 65% of people who practice kickboxing do not compete; they participate in the class to keep fit, feel good and socially interact with people from all walks of life and diverse cultural backgrounds.

The normal classes encompass a high-impact with a high-intensity physical level of activity, designed to improve your overall cardiovascular health, strength and endurance. WAKO hosted events are the Bi Annual World Championships and Continental Championships.

Kickboxing will participate at The World Games 2017 as an invitational sport!

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The first World Championship ...

WAKO started its activity in Europe in 1976. The founder was Georg Bruckner. He promoted the first World Championships in semi and full contact karate (as it was called in those days) in Berlin (Germany) back in 1978. 110 competitors, representing 18 countries, took part.

Globally WAKO

Today WAKO counts on a market of kickboxers estimated to be more than 4,000,000 practitioners and no less than 8,000 clubs around the globe. They sanction more than 1,000 events a year.

The World Games..

WAKO became part of The World Games Family as the 37th member of the IWGA in 2014. Kickboxing will be part of the Invitational Sports Programme at The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw/Poland.

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