Floorball has its origin in the Michigan lake district in the 1960’s where a sport called Cosom Hockey was invented. The present type of Floorball was created in Sweden in the 1970’s and has since then spread first in Europe, but also in Asia, Australia and North America. The International Floorball Federation (IFF) was founded in 1985 by Finland, Sweden and Switzerland. IFF gain SportAccord provisional membership in 2000 and IOC recognition in 2008 and the IOC 123 session gave full recognition in 2011. IFF started the WFC’s in 1996 after two European Championships.

Floorball will participate at The World Games 2017!

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Hit, lift and block ...

The sport is a very fast and dynamic team sport, where the five field players  are changing places on the field and the ball moves from player to player. The situations changes very fast and a lot of goals are usually scored. The player can only play the plastic ball with the stick and you are not allowed to hit, lift or block the opponents stick.

The main rules are:
- The player can’t play the ball above the knee level with the stick.
- You are not allowed to tackle, but can play shoulder to shoulder.
- The field players is not allowed to enter the goalkeeper area in front of the goal.
- The goalkeeper plays without a stick

MIddel distance runners ...

In Floorball a two goal lead can be turned in a number of seconds, since it is quite usual that the ball travels from one side of the field to the other in a number of seconds. The average player runs something like 3500 – 4500 m during a game, but in intervals of an average of 7 meters and in all directions.

The disciplines  ...

Floorball: Five field players plus a goalie a side plays in a 20 x 40 m rink with a plastic ball trying to score goals. No off sides. The game is played efficient time, stopping the clock always when the referee whistles for goals, penalties or when the ball goes out of the rink. The game is played in three periods of 20 minutes with a 10 minute intermission between the periods.

3 vs. 3/4 vs. 4: Is a format used for recreational Floorball and outdoor competitions. Can be played with or without goalies.

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