Tumbling Gymnastics

All physical limitations are denied, as sheer willpower alone seems to hurl these athletes over the dynamic track. Leaving only the lightest of touches from hands or feet – as a mere nod to gravity – they perform a series of somersaulting and twisting movements along and above the 25-metre-long track. The judges score these fireworks of amazing feet-to-hands and hands-to-feet tumbles on technical precision, bodyline and difficulty.

Tumbling Gymnastics will participate at The World Games 2017!

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Tumbling was Olympic once ...

Tumbling gymnastics featured in the Los Angeles 1932 Olympic Games. The U.S. team swept all three medals, with Rowland Wolfe becoming the first – and last, as it later turned out – Olympic tumbling champion.

The elements of tumbling ...

Eight elements such as round-offs, back flips, back handsprings, whips and somersaults – both double and twisting – make up the routine performed by an athlete speeding down the 25-meter track in all of six seconds.

A cocktail of ...

The International Gymnastics Federation describes tumbling as “colorful sport that offers spectacular elements such as speed, rhythm and twists. A surprising cocktail of controlled virtuosity and energy!”

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