Trampoline Gymnastics

Synchronized trampoline doubles the notion of boldness, elegance and precision associated with the sport as two athletes perform – in perfect unison – multiple somersaults and twists at heights of up to eight meters.

The double-mini trampoline, with its slanted mounting bed and the horizontal dismount, is also good for twice the action! After a run-up of twenty meters, the athletes show one skill on the apparatus followed by another onto a landing mat.

Trampoline Gymnastics featured in The World Games 2013; check the event calendar for all details.

Trampoline Gymnastics will participate at The World Games 2017!

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Boldness pairs with elegance ...

Trampoline gymnastics is a sport symbolizing freedom, flying and space, and it is associated with boldness, elegance and precision. The somersaults and twists require a refined technique, perfect body control and a keen sense for aesthetic movements. Synchro combines courage, elegance, agility and even magic.

What Wikipedia has to say about the trampoline's history ...

The first trampoline was built by Americans George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936. Nissen was a gymnastics and diving competitor, Griswold was a tumbler on the gymnastics team; both at the University of Iowa, USA. They had observed trapeze artists using a tight net to add entertainment value to their performance and experimented by stretching a piece of canvas, in which they had inserted grommets along each side, to an angle iron frame by means of coiled springs … Nissen explained that the name came from the Spanish "trampolín," meaning a diving board … We could not have said it better!

Twice the action on the double-mini ...

The double-mini trampoline developed from the common mini-tramp, it allows an even more acrobatic performance. After the run-up the competitors show one skill on the apparatus followed by a second skill onto a landing mat. Top-level athletes show double and triple somersaults with twists!

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