13 January 2012

Wroclaw (Poland) host of The World Games 2017

logo-wroclaw-host-city-twg2017The city of Wroclaw in Poland was awarded to host The World Games 2017. The 10th edition of the multi-sport event will take part from 20 to 30 July 2017. Wroclaw is the capital of Lower Silesian Voivodeship with more than 640.000 residents.

The President of the Wroclaw Organizing Committee - The World Games 2017 Limited  is Mr. Marcin Przychodny, the Vice President is Mr. Adam Roczek.

IWGA President Jose Perurena Lopez said about the next host: “We are happy to present our sports in Wroclaw in the summer of 2017, and we are sure that we will be offered optimal conditions for our sportsmen and women there.” Wroclaw offers all prerequisites to stage an event like The World Games. This does not only refer to the required sporting venues and infrastructure. The city also has a record as a host of big sports events and can count on the support of the city administration, the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the National Olympic Committee.

The Mayor Rafal Dutkiewicz sees the organization of The World Games as a good opportunity to present Wroclaw: ”The World Games will be the biggest sporting event in Polish history, after the Euro 2012. We plan to celebrate the jubilee 10th edition of The World Games in style.”

Moreover, he counts on a large number of sports enthusiasts who will flock to the competitions during the eleven-days sport event. The bid was supported by Sumo Wrestler Robert Paczków from Poland: "I was a World Champion and European Champion. However, I am especially proud of my World Games bronze medal."

So, after Duisburg 2005, The World Games will return to Europe. In 2009 Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei) was the host of the multi-sport event. In 2013 it took place in Cali, Columbia, and that was for the first time in a country in South America.

The World Games take place every four years in the year following the Olympic Games. The event showcases more 25 sports, for example Dance Sport, Squash, Tug of War, Sumo and Karate. Approximately 4,500 athletes and officials from more than 100 countries take part in The World Games. The athletes will compete for the gold medals in their around 180 disciplines during the event.


Wroclaw - The meeting place

Wroclaw is located in Central Europe, in the south-western part of Poland, near the border with the Czech Republic and Germany. By the number of inhabitants it is the fourth largest city in Poland. Wroclaw - throughout more than a thousand years of history - was at the crossroads of different cultures: Polish, Czech and German. All this influenced Wroclaw being a place of tolerance today, open to new ideas and challenges, famous for its hospitality. The extraordinary history of this city is constantly enriched by prestigious scientific, cultural and sports events – with the biggest sport event in Wroclaw’s history: UEFA EURO 2012 Tournament. Wroclaw will be the European Capital of Culture in 2016 for example.

Wroclaw - City of sports

The rich experience in the organization of large sports events guarantees the preparation and execution of The World Games 2017 at the highest level. Only in the past few years Wroclaw hosted many impressive finals of European and world competitions in various disciplines, among them:


Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships


Archery World Cup


The FIBA EuroBasket,


Heavyweight Championship fight for the WBC title: Vitali Klitschko vs. Tomasz Adamek



Basic information about Poland

Language: Polish is the primary language and English is seldom spoken.
Currency: Polish Zloty (PLN), 1 EUR =  c.a. 4.15 PLN, 1 USD =  c.a. 3.05 PLN
Time zone: GMT + 1 in winter (GMT + 2 in summer)
Climate: Wroclaw has a marine west coast climate that is mild with no dry season, warm summers. During summer average high temperatures are 22.9°C (73.2°F) and average low temperatures are 11.4°C (52.6°F).
Calling Code: 0048

Basic information about Wroclaw


  • Wroclaw: 293 km2 (Poland’s 4th largest city)
  • Wroclaw Agglomeration: 2,118 km2
  • Lower Silesia: 19,947 km2


  • Wrocław: 640,000 + 150,000 students
  • Wrocław Agglomeration: approx. 1 million people
  • Lower Silesia: approx. 3 million people
  • City rights since year 1214

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