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Bos resigns

18. June 2013

Jan Sjouke van den Bos resigns after the TWG 2013 in Cali, Colombia. Wim Scholtmeijer will be the successor in 2014.

Wim Scholtmeijer will be the successor as of January 1, 2014 as the national coach of the strongest korfball nation in the world. Wim is at the moment the KNKV U23 coach.

Jan-Sjouke-bos-newsJan Sjouke van den Bos will continue to serve korfball and international korfball in another function within KNKV, the Royal Dutch Korfball Federation. He will be master coach to develop even further the level and quality of training- and coaching programs. Special attention in his work will be the increase in the competiveness for the top korfball countries and the increase in the number of countries that challenge the so called A-countries; The Netherlands, Belgium and Chinese Taipei.

Van den Bos serves as Dutch national coach since 1999; he is 14 years in his job. He was the first full time bondscoach in The Neterlands. He has an enormous list of championship results: 3 times IKF World Korfball Champion, 3 times IKF European Korfball Champion and so far 3 times gold in the World Games. Another gold medal in Cali, Colombia on August 4, 2013 would give him a 10th title as national coach.

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